Digital Vs Traditional Marketing: Which Path Is Best For Your Pharmacy's Growth?

We might have heard the saying that we live in a digital world. Approximately 66 percent of the world uses the internet. There were more than 8 billion humans on Earth as of 2023. The implication is that around 2.7 billion people do not use digital systems. What does this mean for your pharmacy's marketing strategy? Consider using both traditional and digital marketing to expand your reach. Focusing on one marketing method can mean losing many clients. The challenge worsens when you choose a subset of either traditional or digital marketing. A mixture of brick-and-mortar and a digital presence can be the right mix for your pharmacy's growth.

Many people think of digital marketing as social media marketing. Data in Kenya suggests that approximately 10 percent of the population is on social media. Kenya has a population of 50 plus million, translating to around 5 million Kenyans using social media platforms. You lose out on the other 45 million Kenyans when you target 5 million. Pharmacies in Kenya do not have to suffer from the impact of opportunity cost. Regulations from the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) require online pharmacies to have a physical location. Make use of the rules to offer both customer experiences.

The younger generation, thought to be the most digitally active in Kenya, accounts for less than 40 percent of those, for example, on social media. The beauty of data is that it is generally objective. Let the numbers lead you in your decision-making. Each pharmacy may have a varying experience depending on their customer profile. Specializing on a population may also consolidate the client type of your pharmacy. Keep updated via the sites that share data on your pharmacy's target market. Sites like the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) share data periodically. Statistica is a good source of global information.

Traditional methods of marketing require thinking about where else your target customers congregate. Do you need to talk to other healthcare workers? How about appearing at fairs held by organizations, for example, churches? What about sponsoring events that make your brand recognizable? Dentists within Kisumu have put up billboards for their establishments. A well-known pharmacy had a billboard when they opened their first branch in Kisumu. A chain of pharmacies ran a national competition with a car as one of its prizes. Remember to determine your marketing goal in advance. Is your pharmacy, for example, looking to create awareness of its existence?

Consider your customer profile when deciding whether to go digital, traditional, or both with your marketing. Create a client persona for your pharmacy so you can always countercheck if your decisions will resonate with them. Prioritize the route that has the best impact on your preferred clientele. Start small and iterate as you study what the data is telling you. Doing this lets you let the customers lead you toward their preferences. You will also automatically keep up with trends as you quickly realize when your clients shift preferences. In essence, you will be keeping tabs on your customers.
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