Competing With Big Pharmacy Chains? How Delivery Apps Can Level The Playing Field For Your Pharmacy

Delivery apps are a type of software that connects customers with businesses. Potential clients place orders on demand, giving them convenience. Organizations in the same industry can be on one app, which provides customers with a choice. Some advertise on behalf of the companies they host on their platform. The delivery app business will pick up the products from your pharmacy and courier them to your customer. The client makes payment as they place the order or upon delivery. Customers download the delivery app from Playstore or Apple Store and can access them from their phones. They have multiple payment options, including mobile money (M-PESA, etc.), credit cards, and debit cards.


Some of the ways delivery apps can help you level the playing field against big pharmacy chains include:

  1. Expanded Customer Base: Depending on how wide the downloads of a delivery app are, your pharmacy can reach customers who would likely not have known of your existence. There are delivery apps with tens of millions of downloads. The simplicity of using them attracts an expansive range of clients. The delivery app companies are also constantly marketing themselves, which benefits your pharmacy. The organization owning the apps can share objective ways to improve your pharmacy service.
  2. Increased Pharmacy Visibility: Onboarding your pharmacy onto a delivery app brings it online. You have a brick-and-mortar and online presence without having to set up your online store. The specialization the delivery apps have on the internet means they will optimize their offering to appear on top of search engine results. Linking your online store or website to their app can benefit your rankings when potential clients are looking for services you offer at your pharmacy. Your establishment will be riding on the delivery app SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Kenyan statistics as of 2023 show that 58% more Kenyans were using delivery apps.
  3. Customer Retention: One of the challenges businesses face is the ability to retain customers. Delivery apps can help your pharmacy improve customer retention by boosting your brand's worth in the minds of the consumers. The boost could translate to wider margins on some products, which enhances your pharmacy's bottom line. A positive delivery app reputation rubs off well on your pharmacy's brand. Result? Repeat customers. Clients willing to enter their details as they make purchases indicate trust. You can use the information to build loyalty. Remember to create a unique brand identity for your pharmacy to continue retaining customers.


Other advantages of using delivery apps include enhancing the customer experience, increasing revenue, and managing your pharmacy orders. Your pharmacy can also save the cost of setting up your delivery system. Some delivery apps have the ability for you to personalize your customer service. Partnering with delivery apps can save time for your clients. They do not have to walk to your establishment to reach you. The service could be the competitive edge that your pharmacy needs. You could even use the platforms to push your Grade C products to prevent losing money through expiries!

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