Google Business Profile: Why It Needs To Be Part Of Your Pharmacy's Growth Plan

Google as a company is so big that it has reached the point of self-actualization. It is not unusual to hear people say, Google it. The implication is the confidence in Google as a source of information. Google processes approximately 99,000 searches per second, which translates to 8.5 billion searches daily. There were 253 million visits to Google from Kenyans in 2022. The traffic was higher than that of YouTube, which had 183 million visits. Kenyan businesses should consider Google as a gateway for potential clients to find out about the existence of their services and products. Your pharmacy profile should be part of the search results.

Google generally shares results based on your location. The model means your pharmacy has a better chance of being known by potential customers. People Googling also have a search intent. They are looking for a solution and are therefore more ready to buy. The conversion rates for Google searches are higher. Data shows organic searches convert to a sale better than paid Google ads. The higher the website ranks on search results, the better the rates of conversion. The first step to appearing on Google search results is to set up a Google Business profile for your pharmacy.

A Google business profile appears both in searches and on maps. Data shows that going the extra mile of verifying your business with Google increases how positively potential clients view your establishment. Include details like your hours of working for a better customer experience. You can include your website or the online part of your pharmacy on your Google business profile. Share your phone number for clients who prefer calling. Include your pharmacy's physical address. You can include the street and building location of your pharmacy. You can opt to include well-known markers for better direction, for example, your pharmacy's location vis a vis that of a government office.

Remember to update the information when anything changes so you do not miss out potential customers. You can add photos of your business or products to your pharmacy's Google business profile. Take note of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board rules when sharing product images. The rule is to avoid sharing Prescription Only Medicine (POM) pictures. Focus on OTC (Over-the-counter) products. Internal data can guide you on the products most likely to interest your target clients. Keep updating the photos to refresh your profile. Get a third party to check it out for an objective perspective.

Encourage your clients to review your profile. The Google search engine gives preferential treatment to sites that have reviews. A reviewed Google business profile will appear higher on the Google search results than one without. The higher ranking can translate to an increase in sales and revenue. Google business profiles with recent reviews imply that the establishment is legitimate and active. Customers can make informed decisions based on the reviews. It can take up to 14 days for your verified Google business profile to appear across Google search results and Google Maps.
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