5 Ways To Revolutionize Your Pharmacy's Growth Using WhatsApp

As of 2021, 97 percent of Kenyan internet users between ages 16 and 64 were using WhatsApp. No other country worldwide had a higher percentage of users than Kenya. How can you take advantage of these statistics to grow your pharmacy? 


  1. The simplest way is to use the WhatsApp status features. You can advertise products by featuring them on the WhatsApp status of your official pharmacy number. The feature shows how many people have viewed your status, which tells you how wide your message spreads. People can also directly message you based on the status you share. You can even share videos on your pharmacy's WhatsApp status.
  2. Another way to use WhatsApp to grow your pharmacy is to have it as an option below your products on your online store as an option customers can use to reach out when browsing through your pharmacy's website. Clients will consider you responsive, and you can clear any objections, for example, if they have doubts due to questions regarding your pharmacy products. A WhatsApp icon on a website allows instant communication and aligns with Kenyan consumer behavior. You can set up WhatsApp business to take advantage of its features, including having preset answers for some inquiries for an automated process.
  3. You can set up a product catalog for your business on WhatsApp. Focus on items that WhatsApp does not consider pharmaceuticals, as they don't allow for catalogs containing medicines. You can add items clients use that support their health journey, for example, pill boxes. Put up the prices for a seamless experience for your target customer. 
    Divide your catalog into collections to reach various client types. You can have a children's section, a part focusing on females, and even a senior's section. WhatsApp has the advantage of having a historical view of conversations (unless someone has a setting for disappearing messages).
  4. Facebook owns WhatsApp. You can use Facebook's advertising platform to advertise on WhatsApp. Remember to stay within the Pharmacy and Poisons Board advertising guidelines whenever you run ads. The rule of thumb is to avoid ads pushing medicines. You can run ads that, when a target client clicks, lead them to chat with your pharmacy on WhatsApp. The impact is personalizing the customer journey, which can lead to a higher rate of clients buying or using your pharmacy services. The process of setting up ads on WhatsApp is simple and affordable. Budgets can be as low as Kshs 200.
  5. The WhatsApp broadcasting feature can be an effective way of reaching multiple clients without having to add them to groups. You can use the feature to share promotions. When the client responds, it is a one-on-one message for privacy. A customer must save your pharmacy's contact to receive your broadcast message. 

WhatsApp chatbots are another great feature you can put up for your pharmacy. You can include interactive buttons leading your customers to preferred products or services. Set up greeting messages so your clients get immediate responses. Take advantage of WhatsApp business features to grow your pharmacy today!

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